Chance To Shine
Cricket Program

The Usman Khawaja Foundation’s Chance to Shine Cricket Program is a free introductory off-season program for those new to the game featuring developmental hubs and a national Usman Khawaja Cup.

The program is intended to reach and engage primary school aged girls and boys in particular those from non-traditional cricketing communities.

Participant Details

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DREAM Start Scholarship Program


The Usman Khawaja Foundation’s DREAM Start Scholarship Program is focused on maximising the role of Education and Sport as ladders for social mobility. It is for the DREAMERS, those who have a vision to be leaders in their chosen fields for the betterment of Australia and the World.

Graduates from the Foundation’s Cricket Program are offered assistance for their next year of schooling.

The support offered in collaboration with aligned partners includes a combination of one or more of the following items:

  1. Stationary Vouchers
  2. Uniform Vouchers
  3. School Fees Vouchers
  4. iPads/Laptops
  5. Sports Apparel, Shoes and Equipment

The above assistance will help recipients realise their potential and full their DREAMS as future leaders of Australian Society.

The DREAM Start Scholarship Program is only made possible by the generosity of our partners and their commitment to closing the opportunity gap and engage in efforts to improve educational equity.


To get involved as a partner please register your interest here:


By donating to the Usman Khawaja Foundation you will help change the lives of young disadvantaged Australians who’s future is only limited by opportunity.